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Lessons and activities for English language learners (ELLs) to consolidate and extend vocabulary.50 lessons and 130 activities for class and home use to help students build the language skills they n...
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Giới thiệu Oxford American Dictionary Vocabulary Builder

Lessons and activities for English language learners (ELLs) to consolidate and extend vocabulary.

50 lessons and 130 activities for class and home use to help students build the language skills they need to achieve academic success.

The Oxford American Dictionary Vocabulary Builder includes 50 lessons, with each lesson focusing on an area of language. It's written by Keith Folse, a vocabulary expert, to use with the Oxford American Dictionary or Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. You can use it for in-class work, or students can use it at home.

Key features:

  • 50 lessons with 130 activities and write-in exercises
  • Each lesson focuses on an area of language, with the emphasis on vocabulary extension and the Oxford 3000™ (the most important words to learn in English)
  • Each lesson encourages students to explore different dictionary entries (taken from the Oxford American Dictionary for learners of English), so that they know how the dictionary helps with pronunciation, parts of speech, and using words correctly
  • Focus on useful vocabulary with the Word Banks
  • The Wordlist in the back of the book shows all the words that are taught in the 50 lessons.

Read more:

Oxford American English Dictionaries are written for learners of English. The content is based on research with teachers in the USA and is informed by an Advisory Board of language experts - Jayme Adelson Goldstein, Cheryl Boyd Zimmerman, Keith Folse, and Alison Rice. 

The dictionaries label the Oxford 3000™ keywords, the most important words to know in English (2,000 at Basic level). These words are also used for the defining vocabulary. At Basic level, only 2,000 of the Oxford 3000™ words are included. 

Academic Word List words are labelled, and at Basic and Intermediate level, content-area vocabulary is also marked (math, social studies, etc). 

The CD-ROMs include the full dictionary, picture dictionary, spoken words (spoken example sentences at Basic level), ‘record your own voice’ pronunciation practice, a Topic Dictionary and option to create personal word lists, and Genie, which looks up words when you are reading a Word document or online. 

Our research showed that students often need help with developing good writing skills. At intermediate and advanced levels, the Oxford Writing Tutor (included in the print dictionary) and Oxford iWriter (on CD-ROM) show students how to plan, write and review a range of writing tasks, from argument essays to cover letters. 

You can help students build and consolidate their vocabulary further using the 50 dictionary lessons in the Oxford American Dictionary Vocabulary Builder. It’s recommended for class or for home, for students at intermediate level and above.

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